Neighborhood Watch is a national program that unites citizens, organizations, and law enforcement agencies to reduce crime and bring local communities togther. Setting up and maintaining a Neighborhood Watch program is easy and involves only the following things:neighborhood watch

  • resident interest in watching out for neighbors and properties
  • initial meeting with local police
  • selection of block captains and creation of a phone tree for regular communication among residents
  • immediate reporting of unusual activities or persons to the police
  • attentiveness and safe reporting that don't put anyone in danger
  • placement of Neighboorhood Watch signs on streets and/or in windows
  • Many Lafayette neighborhoods feature Neighborhood Watch signs and/or window decals but, until recently, Old Town Lafayette did not. In the summer of 2010, a group of Old Town residents (largely LOTA Resident Committee members) who were concerned about a sudden spate of crime met with Lafayette police to revive the Neighborhood Watch program in Old Town.

Old Town block captains are currently active in the following areas:

  • E. Geneseo St.
  • E. Cleveland St.
  • E. Cannon St.
  • W. Cannon St.
  • W. Chester St.

Contact Mary Pat Munding, LOTA Resident Committee chair, to get information on your block captain or to set up your own block group!

Support Neighborhood Watch efforts by printing and posting window signs!

Crime Prevention Tipsneighborhood watch2

  • lock your car
  • leave your (low energy!) porch lights on all night
  • install motion detector lights
  • ensure building access points are not hidden from public view
  • know your neighbors and watch out for one another
  • inventory and mark your property
  • be safe and don't confront suspicious persons
  • call the police when you observe suspicious activities

Lafayette police non-emergencies: 303-665-5571 (to report non-threatening suspicious activities)

Lafayette police emergencies: 911

Contact Officer Peter Voris of the Lafayette Police Department or the National Neighborhood Watch Institute for more information on crime prevention, Neighborhood Watch, and Business Watch.

Let's work together to keep Lafayette friendly and safe!